Katrina Gaskin

MAP Velocity Program Manager

Katrina is the MAP Velocity Program Manager for the Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre. She brings a background and unique experience edge to the program, focusing on building networks and community; reach and impact; and human centred design. Her track record in leading and managing educational programs, sits alongside establishing her own business and brand, developed a strong career of over a decade in the creative industries, and worked within and mentoring start-ups.

After completing formal education in fashion design at Queensland University of Technology, she ran her own custom-made lingerie label and freelance business before working more broadly, in Design and Production, across the Australian fashion and creative industries.

With specialisation in performance wear, supply chain logistics and sourcing, and commercialisation.In 2020, Katrina graduated with a Master of Entrepreneurship at the University of Melbourne, as Valedictorian. After being immersed in the start-up and purpose-driven business sector through the degree, a spark was ignited that drove her to explore creativity and how business can be a force for good. Recognising the need to share that knowledge and expertise with aspiring fashion and creative professionals, she made the transition to academia, joining Collarts in 2021 where she was the Fashion Program Coordinator.

Outside of work, Katrina is a keen illustrator and artist, try-hard cook, and a bit of a gym/fitness junkie with more enthusiasm than skill.


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