The Velocity Program

Applications for the MAP21 Velocity Program are now closed, but we are taking expressions of interest for 2022!

The Velocity Program is a part-time program for earlier stage founders. The program comprises 10 workshops centred around customer discovery and market validation with specialised experiences for both for-profit and for-purpose entrepreneurs.

The Velocity program helps early-stage founders pressure test their startups - speeding up their discovery of first customers and pathway to product-market fit. Open to both for-profit and impact startups, it is important to us that both types of founders influence and motivate each other to succeed in business and in impact.

Over 10 weeks the Velocity program will support you with evening workshops that include expert speakers, founder stories, and group activities to challenge and inspire you. Starting with a focus on customer validation and defining your value proposition we guide you through the process of signing your first customers. The Velocity program aims to give you clarity and guidance that will help you make the decisions that increase the probability of your success. We do this through our carefully designed program, and by surrounding you with a cohort of high-potential founders.

In 2021, we are running two Velocity Programs with the support of LaunchVic. Our first program for the year will begin in April and will be delivered completely online. In the second half of 2021, we will deliver the Velocity Program in person at our offices in Melbourne Connect. With the flexibility of virtual and in person programs, you can now be part of the MAP alumni community from anywhere in Victoria.

The program costs $500 per founder. No University of Melbourne affiliation is required for this program. To be eligible for our Velocity Online program, the participating founder must be located in Victoria and have registered or intend to register their company in the State of Victoria. See our FAQs for more information.

The 2021 Velocity Program is supported by LaunchVic.

The Velocity Founder's Journey

Online Application - now open!

Applications are now open! Closing Sunday 8 August at 11.59pm

Your journey begins with an online application that consists of a 3 minute video and short questions about your startup and team. You will be notified if you have been successful for the second stage of selection by Monday 16th August 2021. We advise that you begin preparing your 3 minute pitch ahead of time.


24 - 27 August 2021

Shortlisted startups will be invited to Stage 2 which is a 30 minute interview with the MAP team and/or an industry specialist and/or alumni of the program. The format will be a 3 minute pitch followed by Q&A. Up to 35 selected startups will be invited to participate in Velocity.

Velocity program

9 September - 18 November 2021

The Velocity Program which will involve evening workshops, hosted by mentors, founders, and domain experts from across the MAP network. The focus of these workshops will be accountability, validating problem-solution fit, and finding first customers. Workshops generally run from 5:30pm to 8:30pm on Thursday evenings and are set to be delivered in-person and will kick off with a program induction on 9 September, 2021.

Velocity Showcase

30 November 2021

Startups who have made the most progress and traction in their startups will be invited to pitch their startup to our community of founders, mentors, and aspiring entrepreneurs - a popular fixture in the Melbourne entrepreneurial calendar.

Velocity Program Benefits

Curriculum of high-quality evening workshops.

Each workshop is a mixture of theory, group activities and networking to improve your knowledge and keep you on track.


Mentorship from the best and brightest advisors.

Our mentors have been there and done it, and are excited to share stories and listen to your challenges to help you grow your startup.


Support from other startups in the program.

Founders from different startups at Velocity work with each other, sharing skills and experience to help each other solve their biggest challenges.


Take to the stage at the Velocity Showcase.

The Velocity Showcase is your opportunity to pitch to a large audience and debut your startup to Melbourne's ecosystem.

Velocity Application Resources

Velocity AMA with Linkmate

Info Session

This AMA session with David Titeu from Linkmate will help you to understand the value Velocity brings to early-stage startups. Hear about the cohort effect and how solo founders can find their place in the pack.

Watch Now

2021 Velocity Showcase

Pitch Night

Replay the first 2021 Velocity Showcase. Discover how the teams developed throughout the program, the milestones they hit and learn how they received support from the MAP community and each other.

Watch Now

Velocity AMA with Far More

Info Session

Learn more about the Velocity Program from Accelerator Manager Laxmi Pun and be sure to stay tuned for a fascinating chat with Velocity20 Founder, Sebastian Farias of Far More.

Watch Now

Velocity AMA with charityBay

Info Session

In this session with charityBay, one of our more advanced startups to go through the program, Haidar outlines the value they received from Velocity in spite of their traction.

Watch Now

Application Pitch Deck

Info Pack

The Velocity 21 Presentation pitch deck that accompanies our AMA sessions. Lots of useful fact and figures, timelines and more.

Download Pack

Application Advice

Application Help

Check out this terrific article by Abena Ofori, that delves into what makes a great MAP application. Abena wrote this about the MAP application process, but the same  advice is relevant for your Velocity Application!

Read More
Frequently Asked Questions

The MAP team are here to help you, and we encourage you to visit our team page and connect with us if we can help in any way. For instant answers, browse our comprehensive FAQ section below.

Who can apply for the Velocity Program?

The program is industry-agnostic and is open to both for-profit and impact startups. This is because we believe in creating an environment where startup and impact founders can influence and support each other with their business, technical and impact acumen. You are not required to be affiliated with the University of Melbourne to take part.

What is a startup?

MAP defines startups as organisations that are scalable, have potential for high growth and or high impact, that use innovation and or address scalable markets.

Can I apply to the Velocity Online Program if I am located outside Victoria?

Unfortunately, to be eligible for Velocity programs, the participating founder must be located in Victoria and register/intend to register their Company in the State of Victoria.

When do Applications close for the 2021 Velocity Program?

Applications close Sunday 8 August at 11:59pm

What if I'm a first time founder, a sole-founder or a non-technical founder?

First-time Founders
Yes. We have had many first-time founders in the Velocity program. We support you by surrounding you with people running companies at similar stage to yours and founders who run similar companies to share networks and expertise.

Sole Founders
Yes. While we focus on a startup's team, we do take solo founders who have deep knowledge of the problem they are solving and the ability to deliver it.

Non-technical Founders
Whilst we certainly like to see startups lead by teams with strong technical talent, it is not a requirement to be accepted into Velocity. If you don’t have a technical co-founder or employee, we encourage founders to seek out that talent while in the program.

What stage does my startup need to be in order to be considered for the Velocity Program?

Our Velocity Program supports early stage startups that are at problem-solution fit where startups are focused on validating whether they are solving a meaningful problem and pressure test the biggest assumptions in their business model. We accept startups with innovative solutions, transformative ideas and scale for impact. To be competitive, you will need to have a clear concept, and done some early validation prior to entering the program. We also need to see a strong commitment from you and your team - demonstrate an ability to execute.

When do applications close for the 2021 Velocity Program?

Applications close Sunday 8 August at 11:59pm.

How many stages are there in the application process for the Velocity Program?

There are two stages in the selection process. The first is submitting an online application, which involves submitting a 3-min video of your startup and answering a few short questions about your startup and team. The second is a 30-min interview with members of the MAP team and/or alumni. Please see above for dates.

What questions do you ask as part of the application?

Our online application process involves you submitting a 3-min video and answering simple questions about your startup and founding team. If you'd like to see the questions asked and to help you prepare, please have a look at this document for details.

I’d like to have a chat with someone from the MAP team before I apply, how do I arrange a meeting?

That’s a great idea! You can book Office Hours for a 30 minute chat with our team. Office hours are open until 5 August.

Will my application be publicly available?

Absolutely not. All information you submit to us throughout the selection process will remain strictly confidential and private.

I have more than one startup that I've been working on, can I make more than one application?

You are welcome to submit more than one application if you want to submit multiple startups for consideration, but please note that we will ask you to select only one if both make it past the second round of applications (MAP Team Interview).

I missed the deadline, can I submit a late application?

Unfortunately we can’t accept applications past the deadline.

How do I prepare for the interview?

This document will give you an idea of what to expect in the final interview and includes a guide for your 3-minute pitch

What stage does my startup need to be in order to be considered for the Velocity Program?

Our Velocity Program supports early stage startups that are at problem-solution fit where startups are focused on validating whether they are solving a meaningful problem and pressure test the biggest assumptions in their business model. We accept startups with innovative solutions, transformative ideas and scale for impact. To be competitive, you will need to have a clear concept, and done some early validation prior to entering the program. We also need to see a strong commitment from you and your team - demonstrate an ability to execute.

Do I need a live demo of my product or service for the selection process?

No you don’t. We understand that you may not be at this stage just yet. Even if you do have a demo ready to go, we encourage you to chat to our team about when in stage two (the in person interview) if it would be most appropriate to show it off.

When will I hear back from you about the outcome of my application?

We understand that you will be very keen to hear back about the status of your application, and we will endeavour to process applications as soon as we can. At each stage of the process you will be notified about when you can expect a response by.

Does MAP conduct due diligence on my startup as part of the selection process?

Yes. All startups who make it to the second stage of selection process will go through light due diligence facilitated by members of the MAP team. Due diligence is nothing to be worried about, we’re simply looking to confirm the accuracy of information in your application, and to ensure you’re the right fit.

Will I receive feedback from the judges and MAP team about my application if I’m unsuccessful?

We make every effort to provide each unsuccessful candidate with feedback about their application. This will come in the form of an Office Hours meeting. Unfortunately due to the volume of applications, we can’t guarantee your startup will receive feedback.

When does the Velocity program run? What is a typical week like?

The September program is designed to run over 10 weeks from September to November with the program culminating in a program showcase on 30 November. Evening workshops run Thursdays 5:30 - 8:30 pm at our offices in Melbourne Connect at 700 Swanston Street, Carlton.

Does MAP take equity or ownership in my company? What about intellectual property?

Equity or ownership
No. MAP does not take any equity or ownership in your company. Instead, we expect MAP founders to join our community, which means giving back by supporting the next generation of startup founders, and being a mentor and ambassador for MAP. This may include contributing to workshops, mentoring a startup in a future cohort, or making a helpful connection to a fellow founder in our community.

Intellectual property
No. You retain full ownership of all intellectual property (IP) your startup creates.

How much does it cost to take part in the Velocity Program?

It is $500 per founder to participate in the program. If you have a multi-founder team, we recommend at least 2 founders participate and/or set up a process to feedback information to the rest of the team so key learnings are shared.

Is there a risk of being kicked out of the Velocity Program?

MAP operates on a culture of respect. We require that all founders hold themselves at the highest standards as ambassadors in our community. We have not had to ask anyone to leave yet, and our values and code of conduct (which will be covered during inductions) ensure that we hopefully won’t have to do so in the future!

Where is the MAP office?

The MAP office is located at Melbourne Connect, Level 1, 700 Swanston Street, Carlton 3053.

I need space to experiment with physical prototypes. Can I do this at the MAP office?

Within reason, yes. We have dedicated space for light prototyping work during your co-working times, however any work that produces significant noise or smells will have to be done offsite. We have access to production facilities in the university which may be of use to you.

Does the MAP office have meeting facilities?

Yes, we have multiple meeting spaces available that you can book for free, as well as video conferencing facilities as well. The MAP office is also surrounded by some of the best cafes and restaurants in Melbourne, a secret list of which will be provided to startups during induction.

Is there an opportunity to spend time at MAP?

Yes. We have a co-working space that we can provide to founders in the Velocity Program on a hot-desking basis.


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