xLabs is a world leading, Melbourne-based AI start-up that interactively tracks webcam eye movement in real time.

Founded by Joe Hanna and Alan Zhang, xLabs is an AI tech start up who have developed world leading real time interactive webcam eye tracking software that delivers unique insights into customer attention and behaviour, allowing brands, researchers, UX professionals, advertisers and marketers to see through the eyes of their customers.

The team joined the Accelerator program in 2014, and since achieved over one million eye tracking sessions and counting, 255% year-on-year revenue growth (FY18), and raised over $1.35 m in funding.

The company was also a recipient of the Accelerating Commercialisation Grant in 2017.

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Team Bios

Alan Zhang


With a background in computer vision and robotics, I work on solutions where humans and technology interact to tackle problems that are often otherwise intractable. Eye tracking using webcams is an example where machines are learning to understand nonverbal cues from humans, and at the same time, humans are guided through cleverly constructed UI scenarios to increase the success rate. This often delicate dance between man and machine is at the core of all intelligent solutions.

Steve Roberts


Joe Hanna

CEO & Co-founder
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Melbourne Accelerator Program
Level 1, Melbourne Connect
700 Swanston Street
Carlton, Victoria 3053

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