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WIRL is an online app-based platform that curates the users eating experiences to support their mental wellbeing.

WIRL is on a mission to dismantle diet culture by boosting the world’s mood through food. Founders Bree-Anne Pagonis and Alicia Holmquest have built an app that supports those who menstruate to feel more supported around their painful cycle symptoms and across their ever-changing hormonal life-stages through the power of food. Think PMS cravings, period poo, emotional eating or painful bloating.

Instead of placing their users on a weight loss diet (which has been the status quo for far too long), the Accredited Practicing Dietitians use the science behind the gut-brain axis to teach people an entirely new way of eating to better manage their cycle symptoms.

Through a personalised in-app program, people learn and practice specific eating techniques with their everyday meal-moments and follow a symptom reduction food itinerary. They can then track their symptoms across each phase of their cycle to see improvements.

With WIRL, those who menstruate get to focus on the mood boosting benefits of food and feel supported all the way from puberty to menopause.

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