Connecting your music with viral creators.

SoundSmith founders, David Hartley, Gajan Nagaraj and Michael McSweeney met whilst studying, when David was on an exchange in the United States. They very quickly realised with their combined passion for music that they wanted to work on a project together.

SoundSmith is the solution! It’s an online marketplace connecting musicians and influencers to promote music. With 75% of US TikTok users saying they use the platform to discover new music, they’re making social media promotion for artists affordable, accessible and manageable.

The team has always known that they wanted to build something together and were passionate about creating a product that provided value. They enjoy being creative as a collective and do not let their geographical distance from each other interfere with their productivity.

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Team Bios

David Hartley

Co-Founder and CEO

David grew up in Germany and moved to Australia as a child. His passion lies in music and he studied for a year in Los Angeles, where this passion only grew.

Outside of his love for music, David is always on the hunt for the next cold case podcast, loves to experiment with new dishes in the kitchen and going for a long bike ride.

Michael McSweeney

Co-Founder and CMO

Similar to his co-founders, Mike also lives and breathes the music industry. He is a musician, with a Bachelor of Business Degree in Marketing from Monash University, is an avid snowboarder and met David in High School.

His side hustle is called Walking Clock, a production company which allows him to create music videos and films.

Gajan Nagaraj

Co-Founder and CTO

Gajan is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, studied at UCLA and is a Computer Scientist and Engineer. He loves technology, Science and Maths and has a keen interest in Product Design.

Outside of work, Gajan loves baseball, basketball and spending time at the beach and true to his startup, also loves buying expensive headphones to listen to his favourite tunes!

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