An online tool teachers use to develop their students' written communication skills.

Founded by Samantha and David Nicolaides, Scriibi is an online tool teachers use to develop their students’ written communication skills.

After more than a decade of teaching in a number of primary schools across Melbourne, Samantha felt compelled to do something about the poor student writing outcomes she was seeing, with the decline in the ability of Australian students to communicate through writing an ongoing and recognised problem. Among many factors contributing to student performance is parental education and wealth, and school location.

Samantha spent five years researching and developing a solution that addressed the fundamental problem and it began with her working with a small group of students in her own home on Sunday mornings.

In 2018, she teamed up with David and together they developed an all-encompassing data-driven online tool, that uses evidence-based best teaching and learning practices to improve students' written communication skills, irrespective of where they live or their economic status.

Scriibi’s mission is that all children receive a quality and equitable education in the area of writing, and having come through the Velocity Program in recent years and now being part of MAP’s 2020 cohort the Scriibi solution is rapidly evolving and really starting to spread far and wide amongst teachers.

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Team Bios

Samantha Nicolaides

Founder and Managing Director

Samantha has a degree in psychology and is a qualified primary school teacher, who has taught in classrooms for over a decade. She also worked for many years as an education consultant, training primary school teachers and helping schools implement best teaching practices in the area of writing.

Samantha is passionate about writing as a vehicle to empower people in their everyday life.

David Nicolaides

Founder and Technical Lead

David worked with General Motors for over a decade and has extensive experience in developing solutions that replicate real world processes with repeatable and reliable digital models.  

At Scriibi, David is responsible for translating educational best practice into digital tools that amplify the ability of teachers to develop their students’ written communication skills.  

He has also co-founded a previous company and holds degrees in engineering and business.

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