Effortlessly create, curate, and maintain your team's long-term knowledge in one central hub.

Founded by Francesco Lanciana, Scribe provides a scalable knowledge base for your team, helping you effortlessly create, curate, and maintain your team's long-term knowledge in one central hub.

Having spent a number of years working as a software consultant to numerous teams, Francesco has experienced first hand just how difficult it is to create and maintain a highly performing knowledge base.

Existing products in this space make it easy to create content, but put the responsibility for organisation and maintenance entirely on the user. Information that isn’t lost in Slack or emails quickly ends up becoming out of date and out of sync.

Scribe is built to not only help you ingest and create content, but also cultivate that content over time, finally enabling every company to build a knowledge base you can trust.

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Francesco Lanciana


Francesco Lanciana completed his Masters in Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne, discovering his love for software development in the process. Thereafter he taught himself web development and went to work as a software consultant to one of Australia’s largest banks. Here he got the opportunity to work with a number of teams, gaining experience across the software stack.

He has now set out to solve the most persistent, and frustrating problem he has experienced in his professional career - knowledge management.

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