Relectrify is a developer and supplier of advanced control solutions that increase battery life and reduce cost in energy storage solutions for solar households, power grids and beyond.

Founded by Valentin Muenzel and Daniel Crowley, Relectrify supplies advanced battery control technology, which increases the lifetime and reduces the cost of battery storage for solar homes, the power grid, and beyond.

The team joined MAP in 2015, having identified the opportunity in unlocking second-life batteries via advanced control, and were quickly acknowledged for their ingenuity, recognised by Tech23 as a company at the forefront of Australian innovation. In the years to follow their technology, which is the subject of filed patents, has demonstrate its value across a wide range of projects with major organisation, including VW Group and Nissan-subsidiary 4R Energy, and is seeing demand across several product categories.

In 2017, they closed a $1.5M investment round, including contributions from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, and have been recognised by APAC 25 as a leading clean technology company in the Asia Pacific region.

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Valentin Muenzel

Co-founder & CEO

Daniel Crowley



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