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Nebula Health help clinicians deliver information to patients between their visits.

Founded by Chandrashan Perera and Paul Paddle, Nebula Health helps clinician's deliver information to patients between clinic visits.

Part of the Accelerator program in 2016, Nebula Health provides a patient engagement platform that aims to improve patient understanding of their surgical procedure and to collect patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) as a quality improvement exercise for clinics and surgeons.

The solution was developed by practicing clinicians working together with design thinking technology specialists and expert marketers, who were able to understand the problems and practical realities of the healthcare environment, and design innovative solutions which delight patients and healthcare providers alike.

To support their growth, the company has raised 250k in funding, and $120k in grants, and continues on their mission to help clinics grow by nurturing patients along their healthcare journey.

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Team Bios

Chandrashan Perera

Founder & CEO

An ophthalmology trainee with a keen interest in bringing the latest evidence based technologies into clinical practice. Have founded Nebula Health, and the Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine.

Paul Paddle

CMO & Co-Founder

Julian Kelabora

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Melbourne Accelerator Program
Level 1, Melbourne Connect
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Carlton, Victoria 3053

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