Kinetics is a browser built for business to provide you and your team an interface with the digital work universe.

Kinetics is the browser built for business. Designed to help you navigate across all your favourite work apps, collaborate with your team, and get data-driven insights on how you or your team uses technology. Start your day with Kinetics to get work done!

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Team Bios

Jackson Shen

T Strategy and Transactions at EY-Parthenon

Jackson is technology strategist with a background in helping businesses big and small. With over six years of experience helping hundreds of clients across industries in APAC region, he co-founded Kinetics as way to help technology adoption at scale.

He was born in China and moved to Melbourne when he was 18 years old to study Bio-system Design. After taking up many opportunities at the University ofMelbourne, he pivoted into consulting and realised technology was his calling.He and Junhong started their first business Momentium, student consulting and for technology companies, which then led to pivoting this startup intoKinetics.

Jackson has a philosophy of inclusiveness in the technology space, he believes that all businesses, even smaller ones who might find technology is restrictive, should be able to get the most out of their software.

Junhong Chen

Freelance Full-stack Engineer | Tech Support at Kinetics

Jun is an entrepreneur at heart with a background in technology and software engineering. Prior to Kinetics, he worked with his current co-founder on a not so successful business that helps to connect students with paid work experience.

He dreams of owning a product that will be used by many people and loved by its users, and hope to bring an ideology from textbook to reality because that's what he believed that's the way how things should work from his study in Master of Information Systems from University of Melbourne.

Originally studying engineering as his undergraduate degree, Jun started becoming interested in entrepreneurship when he picked up some entrepreneurial subjects at the University of Melbourne, especially the subject Innovation.

He is the especially technical half of the Kinetics duo, a self-taught software developer, website builder and app-developer.

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