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An innovative unmanned robotic system aimed to provide inspection and in-water cleaning to the underwater assets and vessels.

Founded by Adam Shi Chen and Chloe Yue Teng, Insight Infrastructure Solution is an innovative unmanned robotic system aimed to provide inspection and in-water cleaning to the underwater assets and vessels.

The inspiration for these Founders began during a Melbourne University port inspection project, which brought together a multidisciplinary team of engineers and researchers.

Adam and Chloe became more aware of the problems marine structures like piers and jetties are facing, including cracks, bio-fouling and corrosion, as well as the dangers of the current solution involving divers hired for cleaning, a highly risky and time-consuming solution.

As they investigated further they discovered these underwater environment problems are not limited to marine structures, but impact boats & vessels, with the build up of marine growth on the hull area of these vessels a major problem leading to increased fuel consumption and many other issues for owners.

It was this realisation that led to the creation of Insight Infrastructure Solutions’ unmanned robotic system, which offers the most technologically advanced and cost-efficient solution in the specialist field of robotic marine engineering in Australia.

The company boasts a set of specialist engineering equipment for visual inspection, in-water cleaning and testing of underwater structures, of which 60% of this specialist equipment is independently developed by the team.

The team prides itself on its engineering and R&D, mainly engaged in port, bridge, wharf and other infrastructure engineering projects, as well as privately owned vessels. They focus heavily on the value of the integration of hardware and AI, to meet the needs of their clients in a safe, cost-effective and efficient manner, and are to provide the most advanced solution available due to its alliances with top Universities in both Australia and Asia.

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Team Bios

Adam Shi Chen

Founder and CEO

Adam has a strong background in engineering design and project implementation, as well as business development. Adam holds master degrees in civil and environmental engineering from both the University of Melbourne, and Delft University of Technology.

He has gained extensive experience in the business side of engineering from his roles as an engineering ambassador, engineering society vice president, and many other roles in both Australia and the Netherlands.

Chloe Yue Teng

Founder and General Manager

Chloe holds degrees in Operations Research from Columbia University in New York, and also holds a Masters of Management Marketing from the University of Melbourne. Yue is in charge of the general administration and investor relations of Insight Infrastructure Solution.

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