I Am Mindful

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Helping young people to be their own mental health heroes.

I Am Mindful is an evidence-based mental health toolkit that teaches young people and their support system to cope with tough times in a healthy and skilful way.

The toolkit draws strategies from mindfulness, distress tolerance and emotion regulation and teaches people to be their own mental health hero.

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Team Bios

Stephanie Silver


Positive Psychology Practitioner and Advertising Strategic Planner, Stephanie Silver, began her entrepreneurship journey at the Wade Institute, where she was part of the Master of Entrepreneurship program.

Stephanie started I Am Mindful whilst navigating her own mental health journey and has already helped to teach thousands of young people proactive, prevention focused mental health strategies.

In her spare time Stephanie loves spending time with her dog, Rainy, speaking French with anyone who will converse with her and being in nature.

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