Flowverse lets you discover products built on the Flow Blockchain.

Flowverse is a leading directory that helps people to discover products built on Flow Blockchain. The team helps users to navigate the Flow Blockchain and educates them with tutorials and Ask Me Anything sessions.

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Team Bios

James Petchey

Co-Founder and CEO

James is originally from Adelaide and moved to Melbourne to study Finance at the University of Melbourne. He met Nish on his first day at university.

Outside of Blockchain, NFTS and data analytics, James likes to broaden his mind and enjoys learning about biology, game theory, existentialism and even Elon Musk’s Neuralink.

Nish Dharmaseri

Co-Founder and CBO

Nish is originally from Malaysia and lived in Thailand for eight years before moving to Australia in 2016. His background is in Actuarial Studies, Economics and Data Analytics but his passion lies in the web3, NFT and crypto space.

Nish works part time on Flowverse and full time at Quantium, the same analytics company both himself and James worked at when they finished their degrees. Crypto and NFTs became common discourse at the lunch table before the pair founded Flowverse. Nish loves soccer and supports Liverpool Football Club whereas James supports the club’s arch nemesis, Manchester United.

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