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A personalised medicine company that quickly and accurately predicts medication for patients based on genetic testing.

CNSdose is a personalised medicine company that uses advanced genetic testing to fast-track correct medication diagnosis across a patient's lifespan.

Harris Eyre

Chief Medical Officer

Harris A. Eyre MBBS, PhD is a global personalised mental health executive. His mission is to reduce trial-and-error and wait-and-see approaches to mental health care by leveraging technology and innovation, such as genomics, machine learning and smart-phone technology. Harris is Chief Medical Officer of CNSdose, a company specialising in advanced genetic guidance of mental health medications. Harris is a member of the Stakeholder Advisory Board of OPTIMUM PCORI Study, the world's largest late-life antidepressant trial, and is an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Texas Medical Centre’s Innovation Institute. He has published 80+ articles in outlets including World Psychiatry and Am J Psychiatry. His work has been covered in the NYT and Newsweek.

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