CHILD NATION is a collection of digital guides which lead children to physically explore the real places they inhabit in playful new ways.

CHILD NATION is a collection of fun and subversive digital journeys which guide children to use their own places and adults as the subject of new art. Using a series of conversational digital prompts, children enter answers and move around their home, school or cultural venue to experience their world in new ways.

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Team Bios

Jessica Wilson

Co-Founder and Lead Artist

Jessica Wilson is an established artist with a practice in image-based theatre and participative art. Bringing creative thinking to children gets her out of bed in the morning. She believes that “art is for lots of people and not just for those who can afford it.”

Jess is a free spirit at heart and doesn’t like being confined to plans when she travels; she thrives when getting out of her comfort zone.

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