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Produces an indoor navigation solution for vision impaired individuals.

BindiMaps is a mobile app that locates users precisely in indoor spaces. It employs a simple, natural-language audio system to describe where users are and what’s around them, and the best way to get to their chosen destination.

BindiMaps does this using a network of Bluetooth beacons, a sophisticated mapping and route-guidance system, and smartphone sensors.

While BindiMaps adds a layer of convenience for most of us, it completely changes the way people with vision impairment access indoor spaces. BindiMaps removes significant barriers to navigation, and opens up a whole new world for discovery.

Mladen Jovanovic


Innovator, entrepreneur and social justice advocate - passionate about solving some of the world's biggest problems while adding significant business value. Expert and experienced in: sales, startup businesses, innovation, strategy, marketing, accounting, public speaking and simply getting shit done.

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