Beyond Ag


Creating a circular food system using insects to reduce food waste and feed commercial livestock.

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Phoebe Gardner


Alex Arnold


I believe there is no task of greater importance than solving existing and impending food security and environmental problems; and that the solution to these problems will likely require a new way of thinking. I am passionate about making agriculture drastically more sustainable and efficient through use of sensible systems and precision technology.

I co-founded Beyond Ag to do just that. I farm Black Solder Fly (Hermetia Illucens), a non-pest insect species who's unique qualities make it dramatically more efficient at breaking down food waste than conventional means, while also being many times more efficient than conventional agricultural species for the production of food, feed, and organic fertiliser. This species offers an elegant solution to many of humanities' problems, while also offering a wealth of opportunities for those brave enough to try something new.

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