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Aelo is an eyecare brand seeking to alleviate signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.

Aelo is an eyecare brand seeking to alleviate signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. It aims to beautify the customer journey of treating dry eye in a similar style to the skincare industry, by creating a self-care experience centred around wellbeing.

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Team Bios

Dr Kwang Meng Cham

Dr Kwang Cham

Dr Kwang Meng Cham:

Kwang is an optometrist and a highly regarded senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne.He is currently the Director of Education Research at The Melbourne School ofHealth.


In recognition of his contributions to the scholarship of learning and teaching, Kwang was awarded the University of Melbourne David White Award for Teaching Excellence in 2022.


He was requested to be an integral part of the startup through co-founders Billy and Jeremy, who approached him at a student networking event. He is excited to share his knowledge and be a part of the team.

Billy Chan

CEO and Founder of Aelo

Billy is the CEO and co-founder of Aelo. Originally from Brisbane in Queensland, he is an experienced optometrist, currently practicing with specialty in advanced dry eye treatment and management. Along with Aelo, he also co-founded Fog Off Mate, a reusable anti-fog cloth manufacturer company.

Dreaming of being an entrepreneur since childhood, he’s had a heavy influence from his inspiring parents who are entrepreneurs working in the healthcare industry, and who have been teaching him about business from a young age.

Billy is a secret foodie at heart and enjoys playing tennis and is an avid follower of football.

Jeremy Chan

Co-Founder at Aelo & Fog Off Mate I Optometrist

Dr Jeremy Chan is the co-founder andCOO of Aelo. He obtained his Doctor of Optometry from the University ofMelbourne. Whilst practicing optometry, Jeremy also developed a strong business acumen.

This eventuated in co-founding two optometry and healthcare ventures Fog Off Mate and Aelo.

Having a keen eye for startups from the very beginning, Jeremy started his first side gig in high school, custom spray painting car wheels!

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