Simon Murphy

CEO & Co-Founder

Simon is a self-confessed obsessive problem solver. His love of sports, technology and business is what led him to build startups.

Simon is the founder and CEO of Sports Technology company RefLIVE. RefLIVE is a software platform that enables sports leagues and associations to digitise match day administration and manage the retention, abuse prevention and performance of match officials.

After launching in a FIFA international match in 2016, RefLIVE is the number one technology of choice for referees in over 100 countries. Simon has helped to grow RefLIVE into a global startup and industry leader in wearable technology and cloud-based software for sports officials. His approach to technology development and implementation continues to drive the growth of RefLIVE globally.

Prior to RefLive, Simon worked in the corporate environment which he eventually left to pursue Graduate Studies in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Whilst undertaking the course, he developed an idea for a simplified, accurate and efficient system to digitise the match day administration process for soccer games which is now used at all levels globally.


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