Adam Jahnke

CEO & Co-Founder
Umps Health

CEO at Umps Health. Helping people live safely and independently in older age.

Adam's background is  in the commercialisation of technology to improve public health. One of his  earliest roles was at Cochlear China, where he developed partnerships with  enterprise and government stakeholders to make cochlear implantation accessible  to disadvantaged and remote communities. Prior to founding Umps Health, he  worked at Ericsson, where he led the development of digital transformation  projects to improve the liveability of cities in Australia and South East  Asia.</p><p>Adam founded Umps Health to support his grandpa live  safely and independently at home. After reviewing existing solutions, he  found that technology on the whole hadn‚Äôt been designed to work for his  grandpa. The first person to use Umps Health‚Äôs technology was his grandpa,  who he calls Umps. That's where the name Umps Health comes  from.


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