Team Timbuktu


A sustainably made apparel brand, recycling plastic bottles into clothing made for the outdoors.

Founded by Rhianna Knight, Team Timbuktu is a sustainable apparel brand, creating fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles into outdoors clothing made for adventure.

After becoming frustrated by the limited choice of outdoors apparel available in the outdoors market, with options either environmentally damaging or designed for an entirely different demographic Rhianna decided to create her own.

Typically the fashion industry has an incredibly negative footprint, with the majority of fabrics being made from conventional synthetic fabrics, which are derived from oil and create harmful emissions. Annually the fashion industry creates more co2 than all International flights and maritime shipping worldwide.

With her years of industry experience, she knew it was possible to create a product that didn’t compromise on style or sustainability, and could develop high performance, technical fabrics from recycled plastics that used up to 70% less energy compared to conventional fabrics.

She launched the brand from a successful crowdfunding campaign, resulting in being 123% funded and in addition to recycling approximately 20,000 plastic bottles in the first 18 months of business, she has also successfully scaled to six figure yearly revenue since.

The brand has featured in Marie Claire, The Urban List, The Daily Mail, Sporteluxe, Concrete Playground and has really resonated with its 1,900 customers and growing community of over 11,000. They’ve recently hired their first casual employee, and are looking to add a part timer soon.

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Team Bios

Rhianna Knight

Founder and Director

As a sole founder, Rhianna's industry experience and background in fashion, in addition to her tenacity and perseverance have been instrumental to her success with Team Timbuktu so far.

After completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Fashion Design & Technology) she managed design and production for a snowboarding apparel company, with this experience in addition to her years of freelancing, creating and optimising other businesses ecommerce experiences, resulting in a resourceful and varied skillset, ideal for an entrepreneur.

She was a semi finalist for Seven News Young Achievers award in 2019 for her progress within sustainability in Team Timbuktu.


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