Michael Vitale

Professorial Fellow
Melbourne School of Engineering

Michael has practiced entrepreneurship in four startups and has taught entrepreneurship for more than ten years. He is also an active angel investor, including two companies that he mentored in MAP.

Michael's first startup, four years after finishing his PhD in mathematics, was a software business that was acquired by a large US insurance company. The other startups, in Australia,were in biotechnology, agricultural services, and learning aids for children with low vision.

Starting in 2012, Michael has taught entrepreneurship to undergraduate students at Monash, to MBA and Masters of Engineering students at the University of Melbourne, and at the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship. He is the Chairman of two life sciences startups and an advisor to two others.

In his spare time, Michael trains puppies for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, preparing them to enter the full-time training program to assist clients with low or no vision.

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